Certificates of Deposit Investment Fixed Income

Certificates of deposit CDs fixed income investment. CDs similar to passbook savings accounts but investors cannot cash in CDs prior expiration date without a penalty. This is why the rates on Certificates of Deposits investment are higher than those on passbook savings investment.

When investors use CDs as Invest Tool?

Investors invest in CDs when investors don't need the money for a certain period of time. It's because if investors cash in certificate of deposits before time, we have to pay penalty. Please consider whether you need the money or not before investing in CDs.

What is CDs rate?

Different banks offer different CDs rates, CD rate depends on investment risk and investment currency. How to know CDs rates? you can get the information rates on bank websites and on newspaper at financial section.

Want to invest in certificates of deposits? review CDs rates, CDs expiration date, bank's credibility for fixed imcome investment certificates of deposits.

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